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Fiery Hoo-Doo
Firey HooDoo
Vital Statistics
Alias Hoo-Doo
Species Human/ghost
Other Statistics
Identity A set of cloth puppets made by a resort owner
Reason To drive off Julius P. Perkins and get his land
Production Details
First appearance SDMC: The Fiery Hoo-Doo

The Fiery Hoo-Doo was actually a series of flying puppets made from chemically-treated cloth, created by an unnamed resort owner and neighbor of Julius P. Perkins.

Physical appearance

It liked like a human skeleton, with white glow.


If it had any real personality, then it would be the need to relentlessly scare away anyone on the island.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: The cloth puppet was driven by a compressed air capsule so that it could fly overhead and emit eerie wails.
  • Flaming on contact with water: The cloth was treated with a compound that would ignite when it hit water.


Scooby Doo... Mystery Comics

The neighbor made several flying Hoo-Doo props in order to drive off Mr. Perkins so that he could buy his island.[1]



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