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Fraternitas Mysterium
Fraternitas Misterium
Vital Statistics
Members Friar Gabriello Serra (leader)
Three unnamed monks
Other Statistics
Occupation Monks; amateur sleuths
Alignment Evil
Status Deceased
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Theater of Doom

The Fraternitas Mysterium was a group of mystery-solving friars with a donkey mascot named Porto.



Early life

They arrived at Crystal Cove and encountered a conquistador. He warned the monks before his madness got the best of him, and he ran away, leaving behind two important disc pieces. The mystery solving monks were corrupted by the Planispheric Disk and their mascot blew up half of Crystal Cove in the early to mid 1500s. Their leader managed to retrieve the disc piece the donkey stole before it was eaten by alligators, and it was later hidden in a wheel of cheese.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

The ghost of Gabriello Serra appears to the gang and explains how Porto destroyed the original Crystal Cove, and that the animal mascot in each mystery-solving group always became corrupted first. He told them to "heed the warning of the alligators," which may have been a reference to the sign in Gatorsburg that blinked out some of its letters to spell "The dog dies." Serra also warned the group against awakening the "memory of Nibiru."

Additionally, he may also have been the ghost that attacked George Avocados; Avocados, who had been disguising himself as Serra's ghost confessed that he hadn't orchestrated the attack on himself. (Theater of Doom)



  • Mystery-solving monks may be a nod to the fictional detective Brother Cadfael.
  • Their name means "Mystery Fraternity" in Latin.
  • It is an unexplained mystery how the monks who saw the arrival of the ship with the conquistadors survived to see the destruction of Crystal Cove, about 150 years later (according to Velma's tour narration in Beware The Beast From Below).

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