Fu Lan Chi

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Template:Character Infobox Fu Lan Chi is a native Tibetan man. He is the friend of the White Timber Wolf.

Physical appearance

He is an elderly man with white hair and a mustache.


Good-natured, but rather concerned for his safety after leaving Tibet and into America many years ago after an encounter with the Yeti.


Early life

Young Fu Lan Chi

Fu Lan at a time of peace after his near-death experience with the Yeti.

He was spotted by a Yeti and chased him to a wide gauge. Fu Lan jumped to the other side onto a narrow ledge and it tried to follow, but the Yeti lost its grip and fell to its death. It returned for revenge as the Snow Ghost so Fu Lan went into hiding, living in a cave near Wolf's End Lodge somewhere in America.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

The gang found his cave while searching for the Snow Ghost which they believed it to be the Snow Ghost's home. They told him what they were doing and he believed them and told them his story.



"Who dares enter the temple of Fu Lan Chi?"

-- Fu Lan Chi

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