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Welcome to Gatorsburg. Population: 3
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Originally intended to be a mining town, but the discovery of an abundance of alligators led to the founding of Gatorsburg. Making their living from the 'gator mines and 'gator wells, the town enjoyed great prosperity until the 'gators ran dry. The town is now abandoned, with the only people still living there being the mysterious Creeping Creatures.


Early history

Gatorsburg was a very rich town with the most 'gators in America, till' the 'Gator Mines' ran dry so everyone left except Greta, Grady and Gunther Gator.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Insert details here. (The Creeping Creatures)

Season two

The gang visits a cemetery in Gatorsburg, where they find the grave of Señor Primero Llave. (Aliens Among Us)



Gatorsburg is located over 3 miles away from Crystal Cove. If an engine is ordered at night, it won't arrive until morning.

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