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Ghost (The Haunting of Hambridge)
Ghost (The Haunting of Hambridge)
Vital Statistics
Species Ghost
Gender Male
Other Statistics
Identity Walter Peabody
Reason To control ghosts
Production Details
First appearance SDMM: The Haunting of Hambridge

The ghost was the disguise of Walter Peabody.

Physical appearance

It was simply a white bedsheet pulled over his body to make him look like a ghost. The eye holes he was looking through were quite visible.


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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem (GC/PS2/Xbox)

Walter Peabody unmasked

Walter Peabody unmasked.

The ghostwas seen by Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo -- unknown to him however -- when he walked into his basement hideout. Later, he went back to the lobby and ran into the archives room with a bunch of ghosts. He then separated Shaggy from Scooby. The team managed to capture all the ghosts, and the ghost was unmasked to be Walter Peabody.[1]



Other versions

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem (GBA)

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