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Ghost Truck
Ghost Truck
Vital Statistics
Species Ghost
Other Statistics
Identity Driven by Rung Ladderton
Reason To steal crystal doorknobs
Powers and abilities Intangibility; flame projection
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: The Secret of the Ghost Rig

The Ghost Truck was a monstrous truck secretly driven by Rung Ladderton, to steal all of Crystal Cove's crystal doorknobs.

Physical appearance

It is a truck with its wheels set ablaze and its front covered in a tattered material that extends to the back of the rig, its front bumper is designed to ram other vehicles out of its way as it ran down the roads. It has dual exhaust pipes that always emit a cloud of red smoke. Its ancient appearance is simply a paint job designed to make it appear ghost-like and demonic.

Powers and abilities

It was a supposedly haunted vehicle that could pass through walls. It could generate fire and thunderclouds wherever it went.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Rung Ladderton falls out Ghost Truck

Rung Ladderton is exposed.

The driver, originally suspected to be George Avocados, the man who was running against Fred Jones, Sr. for mayor, turned out to be Rung Ladderton, the heir to a nearly bankrupt ladder company. He was responsible for stealing all of the crystal doorknobs in town, in order to find a valuable diamond.[1]



Ghost truck

Pieces from the Ghost Truck in Crystal Cove Online.

  • The Ghost Truck was a CGI rendering.


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