Ghost of Bath

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Ghost of Bath
Ghost of Bath
Vital Statistics
Species Human/ghost
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Identity Wanda the Wise
Reason To take Cecilia's treasure
Powers and abilities Creating smoke
Production Details
First appearance SD (DC Comics):
Psychic Psyche-Out!

The Ghost of Bath, who also called herself Susie Lynn, was the disguise of Wanda the Wise, a self-proclaimed mystic.

Physical appearance

She was dressed in an old-style British maid uniform, which concealed her face within a bonnet.


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Powers and abilities

  • Creating smoke - actually, dusting the air with flour.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

She hoped to steal the treasure Cecilia was looking for. As a side goal she wanted to convince Mystery Inc. that ghosts were real, so that the publicity would help the fair.

After she was caught, Cecilia told her she hadn't done her research. The ghost she was thinking about wasn't Susie Lynn, but her cat, Sniffles. Besides that, the treasure in the box was old recipes, precious only to Cecilia. (Psychic Psyche-Out!)



"I am Susie Lynn, the Ghost of Bath, and that box is mine!"

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