Ghost of Butch LeFeu

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Ghost of Butch LeFeu
Skeleton Skare
Vital Statistics
Species Human/ghost
Gender Male
Other Statistics
Identity Triston Smith
Reason To profit by helping convicts escape
Production Details
First appearance SD! (DC Comics):
Skeleton Skare

The Ghost of Butch LeFeu was the disguise of Triston Smith, pretending to be the ghost of a deceased lumberjack.

Physical appearance

It looked like a skeleton lumberjack with fire on his head.


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Triston Smith unmasked

Triston Smith unmasked.

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

He did it to create confusion during the ice-sledding competition he was judging, in order to make it easier to help convicts escape from the local prison. His accomplice was Larry Hardwick.[1]



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