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Gibby Norton
Gibby Norton
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Affiliation Invisible Madman members
First appearance WNSD: The Fast and the Wormious
Voice actor Eddie Deezen

Gibby Norton was lab partners with Velma Dinkley at science camp and did a lot of things to impress her.

Physical appearance

Gibby is a lanky lad with dark hair and semi-circle glasses. His outfit changes depending on his surroundings from a race driving outfit to a cowboy get-up for the robotic boom-town.


On every occasion he's blindly become a criminal just to impress Velma, and doesn't think about the dangerous consequences he enacts because of this.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Gibby Norton is the sandworm
Gibby in his dune buggy
ShrooboidBratAdded by ShrooboidBrat
Gibby Norton at Cyber Gulch
Gibby in western attire
ShrooboidBratAdded by ShrooboidBrat

He entered in the Enduro-Slam 500 and built a giant sandworm to scare off the competition and impress Velma. (The Fast and the Wormious)

Helped to kidnap the Simple Plan band. (Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman)

Season three

In an attempt to further his designs in Gibbyland he meddled around a robot lab at Cyber Gulch, leading to the activation of the Cold Steel robot. (Go West, Young Scoob)




  • Gibby and Mandark from Dexter's Labratory share the same voice actor; they sound identical and both are madly in love with a woman who isn't interested.
  • Gibby is to date one of only three villains to be behind multiple mysteries. The others being Alice May and Marcy Fleach.
  • In every episode Gibby appears in, he is at least one of the suspects and/or culprits. Mostly because Velma wants him to be.
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