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Harvey Richards
Harvey Richards
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Comic book editor

Harvey Richards is an American comic-book editor.

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
84 Curse Of The Irate Pirate editing
84 Working Stiffs editing
91 The Kung Fu Ghost Girl editing
91 I've Lost My Glasses editing
91 The Maze Of Maize editing
91 How to Make a Monster editing
91 Roller Ghoster editing
141 Scooby-Doo And The Shadow Goblin editing
142 "Ah...Rival" editing
142 Velma's Monsters Of The World: The Chenoo editing
142 To Zombie, Or Not To Zombie? editing
143 The Wicked Witch Of The West Wing editing
143 Velma's Monsters Of The World: Cadborosaurus editing
143 Sunday In The Park With Scooby editing
144 Fangs But No Fangs! editing
144 Velma's Monsters Of The World: Aniwye editing
144 Brush With Danger editing
144 A Horror In One editing
145 Man Of A Thousand Monsters! editing
145 Velma's Monsters Of The World: La Velve editing
145 At Least That Beast editing
146 Yankee Doodle Danger editing
146 From Russia With Glove editing
147 Great Barrier Creep editing
147 Howling Good Time editing
148 Sumo A-Go-Go editing
148 Stars Behind Bars editing
149 Them! editing
149 Big Girls Don't Sneeze editing
150 The Black Katz editing
150 The Blackest Knight editing
151 Fright Ride editing
151 In The Spirit editing
152 Sleeper's Peepers editing
152 Karmic Chaos! editing
153 The Phantom of the Opal! editing
153 Car-Tastrophe editing
154 Scooba Doo! editing
154 I Want My Mummy! editing
155 Over The Boardwalk editing
155 It's A Mystery! editing
156 Read All About It! editing
156 The Missing Mummy Mystery editing
157 The Night of the Undead! editing
157 Velma's Monsters of the World: Yama-Uba editing
157 The Beat of the Bayou Beast editing
157 Velma's Monsters of the World: Griffin editing
158 The Purloined Poe-M editing
158 Velma's Monsters of the World: Zombies editing
158 Velma's Monsters of the World: Pricolici editing
158 Velma's Monsters of the World: Azeman editing
159 Attack of the 50-Foot Shaggy! editing
159 Frankly? Freaky! editing

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