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The Heart of the Jaguar was a heart-shaped spearhead made by the Hunters of Secrets to destroy the Evil Entity. However, Conquistadors took the crystal sarcophagus it was held within, leaving their mission a failure. Eventually it was buried along with them in their resting place in a temple in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Centuries later, it was to be discovered by the current Mystery Inc. and to be taken back to Crystal Cove, where the Evil Entity's sarcophagus now resided beneath the town. When they found the evil Anunnaki, they used the Heart on the sarcophagus, but it shattered. In reality, it was revealed that the spear was never the true Heart, it was actually the unbreakable bonds of friendship between the gang.

Physical appearance

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Early history

When the Hunters of Secrets realized that they were being manipulated and corrupted by the evil Anunnaki inside the crystal sarcophagus they had discovered, they forged the Heart of the Jaguar spear as both a symbol of their friendship and as a weapon to strike against the Entity. However, they did not get the chance to do so before the sarcophagus was taken from its resting place, leaving the spear to become an artifact in its own right.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

The Anunnaki who was using Nova's body urged Mystery Inc. to find the Heart of the Jaguar, as it was the only to way to stop the Evil Entity. The gang believed the Heart to be the spear, and began searching for it.

Following the release of the Evil Entity, Scooby-Doo used the spear to strike against it, only for the head to shatter against the mutated body of Professor Pericles that the entity was using as a host. After realizing the true nature of the Heart of the Jaguar, the gang worked together to reclaim the remains of the spear and knock it into the Evil Entity's sarcophagus, destroying the monster's power source and erasing it from existence.



  • It could be like the other keys, symbolic of an element and in this case the fifth element, known as quintessence or heart, hence it is the 'Heart' of the Jaguar. The fact that the Hunters' mascot is a jaguar, it would seem to be symbolic of Spot.
  • If the above is considered, the elements of the five "keys" (earth, air, fire, water, and heart) may be a reference to Captain Planet.

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