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Heroic Age
Occupation Comic book artist studio

Heroic Age Studio is a company of comic-book artists that does color work and covers for DC Comics, among others.

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
82 What A Ghoul Wants colors
82 Trouble In Store colors
83 You'll Never Lurk In This Town Again colors
83 Mystery Macabre colors
84 Curse Of The Irate Pirate colors
84 Working Stiffs colors
85 Wat A Scare! colors
85 Gargoyle Foil colors
86 Dread And Breakfast colors
86 Daphne's Dilemma colors
86 The Phantom Herd colors
87 The Monster Of Shoogy Cove colors
87 Multi-Monster Mania colors
87 Unfair Play At The Fair colors
88 Unbelievable Beast colors
88 The Shadow Knows colors
88 The Crossword Clue colors
89 In The Beatnik Of Time colors
89 Velma's Crime Solving colors
89 How's Bayou? colors
90 All My Tomorrows colors
90 The White Shoe Scare colors
90 Fishy Story colors
91 The Kung Fu Ghost Girl colors
91 I've Lost My Glasses colors
91 The Maze Of Maize colors
91 Roller Ghoster colors
92 A Wolf In Creep's Clothing colors
92 Code Of Dishonor colors
92 The Curse Of The Living Statue colors
93 Par For The Course colors
93 Cover Story colors
94 The Haunted Half-Pipe colors
94 Spared Tires colors
94 What Is What Is What colors
94 Write From Wrong colors
95 You've Got Ghoul! colors
95 The Pretend Painting colors
95 What's Missing? colors
95 Daphne's Fashion Trip colors
96 Follow That Monster! colors
96 Another Mystery All Wrapped Up colors
96 Big Game Haunter colors
97 Night Of The Jinkies colors
97 Yo Ho Haunted colors
97 Shell Shocked colors
98 Most Haunted colors
98 Mixed-Up Mansions colors
98 Driving Me Batty! colors
99 The Fright Aquatic colors
99 Cowpoked colors
99 Things That Go Bump In The Walls colors
99 Saur Feat colors
100 The Trial Of The Century! colors
101 Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust Jackets colors
101 Something To Sink Your Teeth Into colors
101 Driving School Ghoul colors
102 Quit Buggin' Me colors
102 You Do Voodoo Dolls colors
102 Gridiron Ghoul colors
102 Super-Duper Superstitions colors
103 Snowball Fright colors
103 Ghoul Ascending A Staircase colors
103 Dig Those Crazy Ghosts colors
104 The Ice-Manster Cometh colors
104 Total Wash Out colors
104 Bite-Sized Beasties colors
105 The Blind Leading The Blind colors
105 The Park After Dark colors
105 Hot Time In The Old Temple Tonight colors
106 Dead & Let Spy colors
106 The Ghostly Fruit Stand colors
106 The Dragon In The Bathroom colors
106 Danger-Prone Daphne colors
107 Howl In The Family colors
107 Shaggy And The Killer Sandwich colors
107 A Case For The Birds colors
107 Howl's Well That Ends Well colors
108 Two Scoobys Are Better Than One colors
108 The Haunted Clubhouse colors
108 Field Of Screams colors
109 Seaside Frights colors
109 UFO-No! colors
109 The Lost Survivors Of Monster Island colors
110 The Greatest Of Us All colors
110 Unmasking Made Easy colors
110 The 13th Floor colors
110 The Bed Sheet That Goes Boo colors
111 Family Plot colors
111 Sinister Sounds colors
111 You Want Frights With That? colors
111 Sinister Sounds II colors
112 Eek-stra Innings colors
112 Wolf In Sheep's Clothing colors
112 Dr. Krankenstone's Monster colors
113 The Terror Of Transylvania colors
113 Mad Science colors
113 The Perilous Pendulum colors
114 Turkey Terror At 2000ft. colors
114 Shoot The Moon colors
114 Sushi Me? Sushi You! colors
115 It's A Wonderful Fright colors
115 Velma's Monsters of the World: The Yeti! colors
115 Santa's Evil Elves colors
116 Yeti Spaghetti colors
116 Velma's Monsters of the World: Tsukumogami colors
116 Mystery On The Alaska Express colors
117 Kingdom By The Sea colors
117 Ravenous colors
117 The Tell-Tale Heartburn colors
118 This Old Haunted House colors
118 Velma's Monsters of the World: The Plat-Eye colors
118 Whodunit? colors
119 Mummy Under Wraps colors
119 Ghost In The Machine colors
119 The Texas Tooth-Step colors
120 Ape Misbehavin' colors
120 Home Run Haunting colors
120 Ice Creaming Mimi colors
121 Kickin' Pirate Booty colors
121 The Creature from the Rainbow Waterpark colors
121 A Real Steal colors
121 Velma's Monsters of the World: Kraken colors
122 Let Liberty Scream colors
122 Franklin, My Dear... colors
122 What Are You Afraid Of? colors
122 Museum Mayhem colors
122 Flour Power colors
123 Back To School Ghoul colors
123 Friday Night Frights colors
123 Cheers For Fears colors
124 Chill Out, Scooby-Doo! colors
125 Fly By Night colors
125 Ghosts in the Mystery Machine colors
125 A Well-Laid Trap colors
125 Time To Scare colors
125 Monster Mix-Up colors
125 Velma's Monsters of the World: Werewolves colors
125 Velma's Monsters of the World: Medusa colors
126 Miami Frights colors
126 The Siren Of Hampton Reef colors
126 Marina Screama colors
126 The Phantom Of The Rock Club colors
127 Family Monster colors
127 The Football Fiend colors
127 The Freeloading Ghost colors
128 Ghouls Night At The Opera colors
128 A Town Called Vladsburg! colors
129 History Is History colors
129 The Creature of Lagoona Beach colors
129 Snacks on a Plane colors
130 Chupacabra-Cadabra colors
130 Worse Than A Curse colors
130 Velma's Monsters Of The World: Rokuro-Kubi colors
130 Surreal Cereal Spook colors
131 The Toxic Troll colors
131 Fashionistas colors
131 Velma's Monsters of the World - Acheri colors
132 Flight Fright! colors
132 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf colors
132 Velma's Monsters Of The World: The Manticore colors
133 Hot Time In The Temple Tonight colors
133 Secrets Unlimited colors
134 Ready-To-Werewolf colors
134 Velma's Monsters of the World - Mets-Haldijas colors
134 The Not-So-Great Race! colors
134 Velma's Monsters of the World - Fearsome Critters colors
135 Those Meddling Kids colors
135 Carnival of Fate colors
142 "Ah...Rival" colors
142 Velma's Monsters Of The World: The Chenoo colors
142 To Zombie, Or Not To Zombie? colors
143 The Wicked Witch Of The West Wing colors
143 Velma's Monsters Of The World: Cadborosaurus colors
144 Fangs But No Fangs! colors
144 Velma's Monsters Of The World: Aniwye colors
144 Brush With Danger colors
144 A Horror In One colors
145 Man Of A Thousand Monsters! colors
145 Velma's Monsters Of The World: La Velve colors
145 At Least That Beast colors
147 Great Barrier Creep colors
147 Howling Good Time colors
148 Sumo A-Go-Go colors
148 Stars Behind Bars colors
150 The Black Katz colors
150 The Blackest Knight colors
151 Fright Ride colors
151 In The Spirit colors
152 Sleeper's Peepers colors
152 Karmic Chaos! colors
153 The Phantom of the Opal! colors
153 Car-Tastrophe colors
154 Scooba Doo! colors
154 I Want My Mummy! colors
155 Over The Boardwalk colors
155 It's A Mystery! colors
156 Read All About It! colors
156 The Missing Mummy Mystery colors
157 The Night of the Undead! colors
157 Velma's Monsters of the World: Yama-Uba colors
157 The Beat of the Bayou Beast colors
157 Velma's Monsters of the World: Griffin colors
158 The Purloined Poe-M colors
158 Velma's Monsters of the World: Zombies colors
158 Velma's Monsters of the World: Pricolici colors
158 Velma's Monsters of the World: Azeman colors
159 Attack of the 50-Foot Shaggy! colors
159 Frankly? Freaky! colors

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
6 Sunrise of the Living Dead colors
8 The Case of the Sweet-Tooth Spectre colors
9 Tooned In colors
10 Endgame colors
11 Project Rainbow and the Poughkeepsie Experiment colors
12 The Frozen Fate of the Hope Diamond colors
13 Family Gathering colors
15 The Strange Case of Dorian Wormwood colors

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