Invisible Madman

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Invisible Madman
Gender Unseen
Hair Invisible
Eyes Invisible
Identity Zeke Zillion and his accomplices
Motive To replace Simple Plan at a rock festival
Powers and Abilities Invisibility
Production details
First appearance WNSD: Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman

The Invisible Madman was a high-tech invisibility suit shared by a group of people (involving Zeke Zillion, Eve De La Faye, Gibby Norton, and Jack Hunter).

Physical appearance

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Powers and abilities

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What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

They tried to use it in an attempt to keep Simple Plan from performing at a rock festival because the former group thought that they could play themselves. (Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman)



  • The Invisible Madman was the first monster where every suspect was the monster in order to throw Mystery Inc. off the trail.
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