John Costanza
John Costanza
Gender Male
Hair Dark
Date of birth (1943-08-14) August 14, 1943 (age 73)
Place of birth Dover, New York, USA
Occupation Comic book artist

John Costanza is an American comic writer and artist. He has worked for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Main article(s): Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)
Issue Title Role
7 The Ogre of O'Hare letters
8 Kung-Food Fightin'! letters
9 Scooby-Voodoo-Krewe letters
12 The Comic Book Convention Caper letters
13 Welcome To Monsterville letters
14 I'll Take Manhattan letters
14 Scooby's Amaze-ing Adventure letters
15 Broncs And Boogiemen letters
16 Almost Live From Big Puce letters
16 Guest Stars! letters
17 The Ghost Of Christmas Presents letters
18 Are We Scared Yet? letters
18 Sound Stage Spook letters
19 The Curse Of The Scary Scarab letters
19 Psychic Psyche-Out! letters
20 Wraithcar Driver letters
20 Ghost In The Machina letters
21 Revenge Of The Mudman letters
21 Revenge, Inc. letters
22 Goop On The Loose letters
22 The Curse Of Wrangler Field! letters
23 The Big Lake Fake letters
23 The Haunted Halibut letters
24 Don't Believe What You See! letters
24 Surf's Up, Monster's Down letters
25 Caves Of Castle Finn letters
26 One Night In Roswell Part One: Spies From The Skies letters
26 One Night In Roswell Part 2: Attack Of The Agents In Black letters
27 One Night In Roswell Part 3: Flying Saucer Face-Off! letters
27 Cut To The Chase letters
28 Last Of The Mugwumps letters
28 High School Ghoul letters
29 Three Shears For Shaggy letters
29 The Oceanarium Horror letters
30 Spring-Heeled Jack letters
30 Dog Gone Ghost letters
31 Phantom of the Wrestling Ring! letters
31 Artichokes and Old Paste letters
32 It's A Wrap letters
32 The Library Lurker letters
33 Return Of The Star Dog letters
33 The Creeping Horror letters
34 The Hound Of The Basket Cases letters
34 Return Of The King letters
35 Phast Phood Phantom letters
35 The Weeping Bride Of Lover's Leap letters
36 Double Trouble letters
36 The Mystery Machine Mystery letters
37 Bee Ball! letters
37 Witch Pitch letters
38 The Curse Of The Jungle Tomb letters
38 Techno? Heck, No! letters

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