Johnny Jipner

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Johnny Jipner
Johnny Jipner
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Black (presumably)
Other Statistics
Occupation Amusement park owner (deceased)
Affiliation Jipner's Joyland
Production Details
First appearance APNSD: Terror, Thy Name is Zombo

Johnny Jipner was the patriarch of the Jipners, and the second owner of Jipner's Joyland.


Early life

He brought an amusement park from Zombo the clown because that's how he was with his business, and presumably renamed it "Jipner's Joyland".

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season two

Zombo thought he was cheated and his supposed ghost returned to Jipner's Joyland to claim his money.


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