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Kickin' Pirate Booty
Kickin' Pirate Booty
Part of Scooby-Doo! #121
# of pages 8
Writer Robbie Busch
Penciler Scott Neely
Inker Scott Neely
Colorer Heroic Age
Letterer Mike Sellers
Editor Jeanine Schaefer
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Kickin' Pirate Booty is a story in Scooby-Doo! #121 by DC Comics.


Fred is excited to take the gang to the Nautical History Museum, where he used to go as a little kid, and meet his childhood friend, Albert Sylver, who is now the owner. The museum has found the treasure of the wicked old pirate, Long Gone Slivers. However, there is a little trouble brewing at the museum. For example, a gang of evil buisnessmen are searching for Albert for some reason, and---Jinkies!---the ghost of Long Gone Slivers has come back from the dead to reclaim his treasure. And---Ruh-Roh!---he seems to have kidnapped Albert. But faced with the fact that everyone was excited for the showing of Long Gone Slivers's pirate ship, "The Black Mirage", at the museum, especially Albert, how can the gang prove who had it out for him or the museum?


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Long Gone Slivers (only time mentioned)
  • Captain Goodman (single appearance)
  • Coast guard official (single appearance)
  • Chefs (single appearance)


  • Nautical History Museum
    • Control room
    • Galley
    • Albert Sylver's office
    • Upper deck


  • TBA


  • U.S. Coast Guard Patrol Boat


Suspect Motive/reason
Albert Sylver He and Fred made up the stories of Long Gone Slivers and the Black Mirage back in their chidhood.
Businessmen They were looking for Albert.


Culprit Motive/reason
Businessmen Albert had accepted a donation for his last expedition from them. He paid them back, but then, they wanted more. A lot more.
Albert Sylver as the Ghost of Long Gone Slivers He was trying to scare off those evil buisnessmen by dressing up as the ghost and projecting an image of the Black Mirage onto a fog bank, because he thought it was his only hope of not being able to pay them the more money they wanted.


  • TBA


"Aaaar!" Writer Robbie Busch, artist Scott Neeley and Heroic Age turn toward a storm cast by Long Gone Slivers in "Kickin' Pirate Booty." The characters have a little more salt to them than usual, and aye, but Daphne bedecked in a purple glittering gown is a fetching addition to any crew. The Gang pieces together the clues and finds their formula for mystery set adrift in favor of a clever twist. [1]



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