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La Femme family
La Femme family
Vital Statistics
Gender Both (nominally)
Hair color None
Eye color None
Other Statistics
Affiliation Cherchay La Femme
Production Details
First appearance SD (Archie Comics): The Phantom Rides Again!

The "La Femme family" is a collection of crudely-made wax dummies that Cherchay La Femme keeps at her home and thinks of as her family.


  • Mama
  • Papa
  • Little Smidgeon


Scooby-Doo (Archie Comics)

Fred Jones took Cherchay home after a chase ended with a dunk in the Seine. She introduced him to her "family" as if they were alive, even doing their voices by ventriloquism. Fred was left with doubts about her sanity.



  • TBA