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This is for the TV series. For the Olympic sporting event, see Laff-A-Lympics.
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Making its premier on September 10, 1977 and continuing until November 1, 1980, Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics, also known as Scooby's All Stars, and Scooby's Laff-A-Lympics, was full of the top stars from Hanna-Barbera. It included three teams, the Scooby Doobies, the Yogi Yahooeys, and the Really Rottens. The teams competed in Olympic style competition, in different countries for winners, and the contests were hosted by Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf. The Scooby Doobies team consisted of Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Dum, Shaggy Rogers, Tinker and Speed Buggy, Dynomutt and Blue Falcon, Hong Kong Phooey, Babu, and Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels: Brenda Chance, Dee Dee Skyes, and Taffy Dare.

Season one

# Image Episode Airdate
1 Lo01 The Swiss Alps and Tokyo, Japan 9/10/1977
2 Lo03 Acapulco and England 9/17/1977
3 Lo02 Florida and China 9/24/1977
4 Lo04 The Sahara Desert and Scotland 10//1/1977
5 Lo05 France and Australia 10/8/1977
6 Lo06 Athens, Greece and the Ozarks 10/15/1977
7 Lo07 Italy and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina 10/22/1977
8 Lo08 Egypt and Sherwood Forest 10/29/1977
9 Lo09 Spain and the Himalayas 11/5/1977
10 Lo10 India and Israel 11/12/1977
11 Lo11 Africa and San Francisco 11/19/1977
12 Lo12 The Grand Canyon and Ireland 11/26/1977
13 Lo13 Hawaii and Norway 12/3/1977
14 Lo14 North Pole and Tahiti 12/10/1977
15 Lo15 Arizona and Holland 12/17/1977
16 Lo16 Quebec and Baghdad 12/24/1977

Season two

# Image Episode Airdate
1 Lo17 Russia and the Caribbean 9/9/1978
2 Lo18 New York and Turkey 9/16/1978
3 Lo19 South America and Transylvania 9/23/1978
4 Lo20 French Riviera and New Zealand 9/30/1978
5 Lo21 New Orleans and Atlantis 10/7/1978
6 Lo22 Morocco and Washington D.C. 10/14/1978
7 Lo23 Canada and Warsaw, Poland 10/21/1978
8 Lo24 Siam and the Moon 10/28/1978

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