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Lighthouse (Fright House of a Lighthouse)
Lighthouse (Fright House of a Lighthouse)
Vital Statistics
Type Lighthouse
Part of Wisconsin
Owned by Lighthouse keeper (deceased)
Other Statistics
Haunted by Creepy Keeper
Production Details
First appearance WNSD: Fright House of a Lighthouse

The lighthouse is in the port of a small Wisconsin town, by the shores of Lake Michigan.


Early history

Many years ago, a cargo ship known as the Dauntless was transporting a priceless treasure to port. At that time, the ship was caught in a perfect storm, and the lighthouse was the ships only hope of making it. However, the Lighthouse keeper knew about the ships treasure, and turned off the light. But, the storm blew a tree branch right through the lighthouse window, and knocked the keeper down to his death.

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Season three

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  • The current lighthouse keeper isn't shown, as he was presumably scared away by the Creepy Keeper.