This is a list of monsters and villains from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

Season one

# Episode title Monsters Villains
1 Beware the Beast from Below Slime Mutant Prof. Emmanuel Raffalo
2 The Creeping Creatures Creeping Creatures Grady, Greta and Gunther Gator
3 The Secret Of The Ghost Rig Ghost Truck Rung Ladderton/Ghost Trucker
4 Revenge of the Man Crab Man-Crab Bud Shelton
5 The Song of Mystery Que Horrifico Mary Anne Gleardan
6 The Legend of Alice May Ghost Of Alice May Alice May
7 In Fear Of The Phantom Phantom Daniel Prezette
8 The Grasp Of The Gnome Gnome Gill Littlefoot
9 Battle of the Humungonauts Red and Green Humungonauts Max and Jax Minner
10 Howl of the Fright Hound Fright Hound Mrs. Wyatt
11 The Secret Serum Vampire Sheila Altoonian
12 The Shrieking Madness Char Gar Gothakon Howard E. Roberts
13 When the Cicada Calls Cicada Creature Grandma Moonbeam
14 Mystery Solvers Club State Finals Lord Infernicus Funky Phantom/Jonthan Wellington Muddlemore
15 The Wild Brood Shadowy Orc Maxwell
16 Where Walks Aphrodite Aphrodite Amanda Smythe
17 Escape from Mystery Manor "Demented speaker" Danny Darrow
18 The Dragon's Secret White Wizard Mr. Wang and Mai Le
19 Nightfright Nightfright Argus Fentonpoof
20 The Siren's Song Fish Freaks Ernesto and his helpers
21 Menace Of The Manticore Manticore Hot Dog Water
22 Attack of the Headless Horror Headless Horror Marion Spartan
23 A Haunting In Crystal Cove Shadowy Figure Professor Pericles
24 Dead Justice Ghost of Dead Justice Deputy Bucky
25 Pawn of Shadows Obliteratrix Alice May
26 All Fear the Freak Freak of Crystal Cove Fred Jones, Sr.

Season two

# Episode title Monsters Villains
27 The Night the Clown Cried Crybaby Clown N/A
28 The House of the Nightmare Witch Baba Yaga Curator Vronsky
29 The Night the Clown Cried II - Tears of Doom! Crybaby Clown Baylor Hotner
30 Web of the Dreamweaver! Dreamweaver Horbert Feist
31 The Hodag of Horror Hodag of Horror Roberto, the trained pet monkey of Ned Fussbuster
32 Art of Darkness! Junk Butch Firbanks
33 The Gathering Gloom Graveyard Ghoul Evallo von Meanskrieg
34 Night on Haunted Mountain Dark Lilith Hot Dog Water
35 Grim Judgement Hebediah Grim Gary and Ethan
36 Night Terrors Fiend Dan Fluunk
37 The Midnight Zone Kriegstaffebots Operated by Professor Pericles
38 Scarebear Scarebear Benson Fuhrman
39 Wrath of the Krampus Krampus Charlie the Haunted Robot, remote-controlled by Jason Wyatt for Mystery Inc.
40 Heart of Evil Dragon Jenny Zin
41 Theater of Doom Mummy of Friar Serra George Avocados
42 Aliens Among Us Grey, Reptoid, Nordic Alien Traveler O'Flaherty, Connor O'Flaherty, Sheela O'Flaherty
43 The Horrible Herd The Horrible Herd created by Professor Pericles
44 Dance of the Undead Zombie Ska-Tastics Rude Boy and the Ska-Tastics
45 The Devouring Gluten Demon Francilee Jackson
46 Stand and Deliver Dandy Highwayman Librarian
47 The Man in the Mirror Fake Fred, Old Daphne Brad Chiles, Judy Reeves
48 Nightmare in Red Monstrous Freak Fernando El Aguirre
49 Dark Night of the Hunters Priestess Enrique Andelusossa

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