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Mad Dog Hashimoto
Mad dog
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Martial artist
Production Details
First appearance Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword

"Mad Dog" Hashimoto is a martial artist from Japan, who fights like a dog because he thinks he is a dog.

Physical appearance

Mad Dog Hashimoto is an adult, muscular Asian male. He is bald. He wears a spiked collar and a red and white Gi and has torn sleeves revealing his muscles.


His personality is the equivalent to that of a bull dog, but Scooby-Doo discovered that it was easy to make him friendly by throwing him a bone.


Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword

He came to compete in the tournament given by Miss Mirimoto, but he was defeated easily by the Robot Ninjas that attacked at the pre-tournament banquet. He last attended the renovated museum, along with Kerry Kilpatrick and Sapphire Sonja, to see a statue in honor of Scooby-Doo outside.[1]



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