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Mai Le is a Chinese exchange student, exchanging with the girl known as Hot Dog Water. She stole a ring from a pawn shop in Macau, and tried to steal the Dragon's Heart ruby. She pretended to show affection for Shaggy Rogers, but her lies were exposed by the gang.

Physical appearance

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She seemed very sweet and kind. She showed affection for Shaggy, but in reality, she was faking it, and wanted to steal the Dragon's Heart. When she revealed her true self, she was mean and aggressive, trying to harm Shaggy so she could get the ruby back.

Skills and abilities

She has exceptional hand-to-hand combat skill.


Early life

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

She stole a ring from a Pawn Shop, which was made custom-made. She appeared to be an exchange student (the other one being Hot Dog Water). She started flirting with Shaggy, and always hanged out with Mystery Inc. They had dinner in the Blake's mansion, were they got attacked by the Red Wizard. They then were followed by the White Wizard who tried to steal her ring. Mai Le was trying to steal the Dragon's Heart, a priceless ruby. (The Dragon's Secret)




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