Mama Mione's
Mama Mione's
Vital Statistics
Type Restaurant
Part of Harbor
Owned by Mama Mione
Other Statistics
Production Details
First appearance TSDS: The Creepy Case of Old Iron Face

Mama Mione's is a small café by the harbor, run by Mama Mione.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season three

The gang then heads to a local restaurant to meet Captain Morgan, their tour guide for Skull Island. The island used to hold a prison for the most dangerous criminals, but has been turned into a tourist attraction. The gang is discussing the man in the iron mask, when Mama Mione, the owner of the restaurant, begins telling them the story of Old Iron Face. She claims he is the one who haunts Skull Island after being a prisoner there years before. He wore the iron mask so no one would have to look at him.