Mano Tiki Tia

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Mano Tiki Tia
Mano Tiki Tia
Vital Statistics
Species Living statue
Gender Male
Eye color Light pink
Other Statistics
Identity Accomplice of John Simms
Reason To poach pearls
Powers and abilites Super strength
Production Details
First appearance SDWAY: A Tiki Scare Is No Fair
Played by John Stephenson

Mano Tiki Tia appeared to be a stone statue of an Hawaiian God that came to life.

Physical appearance

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Powers and abilities

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Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season two

John Simms's henchman

Mano Tiki Tia's operator.

It was actually a robot on wheels, controlled by a man hired by John Simms. He was helping Simms, who disguised himself as a Witch Doctor, to poach pearl beds.


Alternate continuities

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

The Crybaby Clown mentioned Mano Tiki Tia as a case Mystery Inc. solved. In the regular continuity, the latter case was set in Hawaii. This case must have been closer to home, since Daphne Blake said she had never been further than Gatorsburg.


  • The wheels under Mano Tiki Tia's feet were visible the whole time, only being noticed by the gang once it was turned over. Not only that, but they didn't hear its mechanical movements. The weight of the statue should've made tracks in the ground as it moved, it wasn't riding along a pavement.
  • Simms's henchman seems to pop out of Mano Tiki Tia despite the fact it appears undamaged, which itself would seem impossible. One reason could be that he got out due to being dazed and/or exhausted from tipping over into the pit.

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