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Vital Statistics
Species Manticore
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black (yellow sclera)
Other Statistics
Identity Hot Dog Water
Reason Shut park down/get rich from super-helium
Powers and abilities Flight; super strength
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Menace of the Manticore
Played by Frank Welker

The Manticore was the first disguise of Hot Dog Water. Designed after the mythical beast of the same name and springing forth from a phony haunted temple, it sought to drive guests away from the Fleach's family theme-park, Creepy Spooky Terror Land.

Physical appearance

It had a large body in the shape of a lion, wings like a dragon, a tail like a scorpion, and a distorted human face.


It acted on bestial instincts, attacking everyone it sighted in the park.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: The manticore costume was built around a super-helium balloon to allow flight.
  • Super strength

Its tail can be used for piercing attacks also, as can its massive front claws.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Hot Dog Water unmasked

Hot Dog Water unmasked.

HDW used it to attack tourists at the Creepy Spooky Terror Land amusement park, owned by her father, Winslow Fleach.

She used her computer expertise to create an entire website just to sell Mayor Fred Jones, Sr. the fake "ancient temple" in which the Manticore supposedly lived. She wanted to shut the park down so she could make more super-helium and get rich from its sale.

She was arrested by Deputy Bucky as a wrecked fortune-telling machine told her that she would be defeated by a group of meddling kids.[1]

Season two

HDW rebuilt the Manticore suit (or more likely repurposed elements of its technology) into the costume of the monster, Dark Lilith. She then used this new flying suit to attempt to claim a wedge of the Planispheric Disk at Mount Diabla, terrorizing the local folks and drawing out Mystery Incorporated.[2]



Manticore: You are doomed, flea-covered one! Doomed!



Costume in the Spook Museum on the online game.


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