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Mecha Mutt
Vital Statistics
Species Robot
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Identity Melanie Staples
Reason Revenge on her father, who always ignored her and failed to see her talent
Powers and abilities Enhanced strength;
Equipment Various gagdets
Production Details
First appearance Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace

Mecha Mutt is a robotic dog invented by Dr. Ned Staples, and later controlled by his daughter, Melanie Staples.

Physical appearance

True to its name, Mecha Mutt was stylized after a giant dog. It had glowing green eyes.

Powers and abilities

Being a robot, Mecha Mutt was outfitted with every advanced technology, such as excavation tools. Jet-propulsions allowed Mecha Mutt to fly. It was also able to fire laser beams from its eyes.

Mecha Mutt also was strong, allowing it to throw heavier objects. Heavily-developed legs allowed Mecha Mutt to climb the steepest of walls.


Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace

Melanie Staples Culprit

Melanie Staples is revealed to be the saboteur.

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  • It's unclear, how a robot designed to operate in Martian gravity (about 40% of Earth), could move so effortlessly on Earth.