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Michael Kraiger
Michael Kraiger
Gender Male
Occupation Comic book writer

Michael Kraiger is a comic book writer and artist.

Date of Birth: December 15th 1958 Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio

Gratuate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Joe Kubert School. Early career includes work published by Fantagraphics and Dark Horse. Worked at Marvel as a production artist and as an assistant editor. In 1997, moved to DC as a writer on their Cartoon Network books. In 1999 he joined the faculty at the Joe Kubert School teaching drawing, story adaptaion and writing. In 2002 he began illustrating sketch cards.[1]


Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
8 Like a Cracked Mirror writer
12 The Comic Book Convention Caper writer
13 No Bones About It! writer
15 Broncs And Boogiemen writer
77 The Night Marchers writer
80 The Gray Man writer

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