Mildew Wolf

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Mildew Wolf
Mildew Wolf
Gender Male
Hair color Brown fur
Eye color Black
Occupation Announcer
Affiliation Laff-A-Lympics
First appearance LAL: The Swiss Alps and Tokyo, Japan
Voice actor John Stephenson

Mildew Wolf is an anthropomorphic wolf, and an announcer for the Laff-A-Lympics, along with Snagglepuss.

Physical appearance

He is a tall brown wolf who wears a yellow jacket with a white collar and cuffs, and a green hat. He has purple pants held up by one suspender.


He has a resigned, cynical approach. His catch phrase is "Savages. They're all savages."



  • He was the main antagonist, and titular character of the Cattanooga Cats segment It's the Wolf!. He is the most popular character of the series, and he was voiced by an uncredited Paul Lynde. (Mildew Wolf).
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