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Monster Hive
Monster hive
Vital Statistics
Type Secret laboratory
Part of Coolsville
Owned by Jonathan Jacobo
Other Statistics
Haunted by Many monsters
Production Details
First appearance Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

The Monster Hive is the laboratory of Dr. Jonathan Jacobo. It contained the monster machine and the control panel to bring costumes to life.

Monsters contained and brought to life in the hive


Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

The gang returned to the Monster Hive and needed to connect the reprogrammed control panel to destroy all of the monsters that had been created. He quickly stops Fred with a tar tentacle then says, "Now your stuck in my trap," then restrains Fred with more tentacles. He then grabs and lifts Daphne in the air, and covers her in tar. She is later seen passed out, presumed from being squeezed by the Tar Monster. There was also a large tentacle around her neck He then goes after Velma, knocking her onto the floor and covering her in tar. Shaggy gets the control panel, and backs onto a centerblock. The Tar Monster wraps large tar tentacles around shaggy and smothers him in tar. Scooby is left, who needs to get to the other side of the room.To do so, Scooby used a fire extinguisher to harden the monster's tar, Shaggy still had the control panel, when Scooby froze part of the monster, Shaggy was able to break his arms free from the tar tentacles, yet he is still wrapped in tar tentacles from the waist down. Scooby used the fire extinguisher to half skate and half surf on the Tar Monster to get to the other side; it was finally destroyed when Scooby connected the control panel to the base, the Tar Monster was the last to die as he was almost invincible in comparison to the other monsters. He drowned in his own body and died after Scooby turned on the machine where to put the control panel. His huge tar body dried out and he turned back into a costume with the Pterodactyl Ghost, the Miner 49er, the Skeleton Men, and the Zombie.