Monstrous Freak
Monstrous Freak
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Identity El Aguirre
Reason To stop the gang from setting him and his men free, since he wants to pay for his past deeds
Powers and abilities Teleporting
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Nightmare in Red
Played by Frank Welker

The Monstrous Freak was the disguise of the spirit of El Aguirre.

Physical appearance

He was pale looking and had a freightening skull-like face with long black dreadlocks. He was muscular, only wearing a loin cloth.


He was vicious and terrifying, snarling and showing his fangs.

Powers and abilities

  • Teleportation: As a supernatural entity, he can appear and disappear in a mass of swirling black lines. This takes time, so an agile person like Velma Dinkley can leap through him while he is taking form.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Fernando El Aguirre unmasked

Fernando El Aguirre unmasked.

He used the disguise to keep Mystery Incorporated in the sitting room so they wouldn't destroy the evil entity that was in the crystal sarcophagus, because it would set him and his men free; he wanted to stay there so they could pay for past evil deeds. He was found to be vulnerable to the light coming from the statues of the Hunters of Secrets.