Mr. Peeves

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Mr. Peeves
Mr Peeves
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Butler
Affiliation Neville Darkmoor
Edward Darkmoor
Production Details
First appearance SD! (DC Comics):
The Hound of the Basket Cases

Peeves is the butler of Lord Neville Darkmoor and his brother, Edward

Physical appearance

He is a Caucasian male with gray hair.


He normally seems placid, but his expression turned angry when he was asked about the will.


Early history

When the will was read and it gave him and the sons nothing, he became so angry he tore up the will.

Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

Fortunately he saved the pieces, because there was a treasure map on the other side. He was a possible suspect to be behind the Phantom Hound.


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