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Mystery Machine (SDMI)

The Mystery Machine van is Mystery Incorporated's main use of transportation in their hometown of Crystal Cove, and anywhere else they may need to go.[1] Although the others members have driven the van, its primary driver is Fred Jones, Jr., who has set many traps in it. In the post-Nibiru timeline, Fred is the owner of the van.


One of the traps is opening the glove compartment from the passenger seat, which causes the passenger to be ejected.[2]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

While the gang were in Gatorsburg, the van's engine was stolen.[1]

The Obliteratrix made it look like she had destroyed the van, causing Fred Jones, Jr. and the others much anguish, but it turned out she destroyed a duplicate vehicle.[3]



  • The van's license plate number is "Crystal Cove 345-600".


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