Mystery sneak (There's No Creature Like Snow Creature)

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Mystery sneak (There's No Creature Like Snow Creature)
Mystery sneak (There's No Creature Like Snow Creature)
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Affiliation Snow Creature
Production Details
First appearance WNSD: There's No Creature Like Snow Creature

The "mystery sneak" was the term used to describe the disguise of Avalanche Anderson, used to conceal his identity while he operated the Snow Creature.

Physical appearance

While the majority of his features are concealed, it can be confirmed that he is a Caucasian male.

His outfit dampens the definition of his form. The sneak wears a dark gray mask, gray coat, dark gray pants, and black shoes. He is seen wearing gray and orange technology equipment.


The sneak is determined and ruthless. He is also secretive.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Avalanche Anderson unmasked

Avalanche Anderson unmasked.

The gang was investigating the Snow Creature when they saw the sneak's shadowed figure climbing up a hill. He was later sighted again leaving the abandoned ski slope.

His final encounter with the gang was when they discovered that the mechanical creature was controlled by an outside force. They saw the sneak near the abandoned ski slope as he tried to escape. He was ultimately captured when Velma's sneeze caused an avalanche to bring him down to the gang. He was unmasked as Avalanche Anderson, who was controlling the creature using virtual reality technology. [1]



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