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For the original incarnation, see Elizabeth Blake.
Nan Blake
Nan Blake
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Orange-red
Eye color Violet
Other Statistics
Occupation Charity organizer[1]
Family Barty Blake (husband);
Daphne Blake (daughter);
Daisy Blake (daughter);
Dawn Blake (daughter);
Dorothy Blake (daughter);
Delilah Blake (daughter);
Wedded Blake sister (daughter)
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Beware The Beast From Below
Played by Kath Soucie

Nan[1] Blake is the wife of Barty, and the mother of Daphne and her older quadruplet sisters.

Physical appearance

Nan is a middle-aged Caucasian female, with overly long orange-red hair and voilet pupils. She wears a white shirt, purple jacket, blue pants, a white hat, and a green hanckerchief.


Although Nan is unbearably beautiful like her daughters, she is sweet, kind and caring (at least on the surface). Deep down she is selfish and vain, an example of this is when she was unwilling to go out in the dark to pick up her daughter from a dangerous place, but she was willing to go out in the dark to take notary lessons (despite not knowing what a notary is). She is deeply disappointed with her youngest daughter apparently believing that she went wrong with her, mostly because Daphne does not take out too much money to go shopping (at least from her mother's perspective). She goes as far as saying she sometimes wished she had a boy instead. She also wants Daphne to be more like her older sisters, who all have successful high profile careers. She also set up her daughter with Rung Ladderton in hopes of furthering Daphne's social standing.


Early life

She attended the wedding of one of her daughters, an unnamed astronaut daughter, who got married in a space-suit. (Revenge Of The Man Crab)

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

She and Barty discussed Daphne's interest in Fred Jones, Jr. and the gang which they believed was having a negative influence on her since the gang's latest meddling got them locked up again.

She refused to go out in the dark and pick up the kids when they were stranded in Gatorsburg.

Tried to get Daphne to date Rung Ladderton. (The Secret Of The Ghost Rig)

Nan was suspected of being a vampire by the gang; Sheriff Bronson Stone even came to her house to question her, which she didn't appreciate.

She and her husband dropped Daphne off at Darrow University, telling her it would be good to spend some time away from the gang after they briefly broke up.

She and hosted a dinner party for Mr. Wang, and then later let the gang borrow the family boat.

She and her husband came to get Daphne out of jail. Daphne chose this moment to announce that she and Fred were engaged to which she appeared shocked. Then later showed up again after the Freak was caught, to take Daphne home.

Season two

She hosted a welcome-home party for Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves, which was invaded by the Hodag of Horror.

She was one of the Dandy Highwayman's "victims". In actuality she, like the other women, wished to simply get away from her boorish husband and liked having someone to talk to for a change.

She was dragged underground to dig for Professor Pericles, until the gang rescued her along with the rest of the town.


In the new timeline, she approved of Daphne's engagement to Fred and was helping to plan the wedding. She thought more highly of Daphne than her other underachieving daughters.





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