Nathan Archer

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Nathan Archer
Nathan Archer
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Inventor
Affiliation Westnorthern University
Production Details
First appearance SD! (DC Comics):Attack of the 50-Foot Shaggy!

Dr. Nathan Archer is a college teacher and an inventor.

Physical appearance

He has gray hair with dark eyebrows, and wears round goggles pushed up on his head.


He is willing to resort to fraud when his inventions fail.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

He had a trick planned to make his investors think that his enlarging ray actually worked, so he could run off with their money. When Shaggy Rogers blundered into his demonstration, he decided the trick would be even more impressive with a human subject instead of the food props he had prepared, so he put Shaggy into his resize-able "isolation room" to convince Shaggy and his friends that he was growing.




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