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"Night Ranger" is the online alias of a man who writes a blog criticizing Sheriff Bronson Stone. He is a body-builder and a fan of magazines like Mankini!, showing men in swimsuits. For a time he was suspected of being the Ghost of Dead Justice.

Physical appearance

His is blond, with medium-long hair and a mustache. He wears pink-tinted sunglasses.


His critical blog has annoyed Sheriff Bronson Stone, but he came through with a dramatic rescue of Stone and the gang when they needed it.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

When Dead Justice attacked the gang and Sheriff Stone while they snopped at the blogger's house, the came and helped the gang got out. After the Dead Justice case was solved, the Night Ranger watched Daphne Blake and Fred Jones, Jr. while on their date at the beach and left, dancing backwards as they kissed. (Dead Justice)



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