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Vital Statistics
Species Dog
Gender Female
Fur color Light brown, with tan around the face, and dark brown ears
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Affiliation Brad Chiles
Judy Reeves
Mystery Incorporated
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: The Hodag of Horror
Played by Jennifer Hale
Amy Acker (possessed)

Nova is the pet dog of Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves. She's become the object of Scooby-Doo's affections.

Physical appearance

Nova is a female Cocker Spaniel, with a slightly dark tan coat. The fur around her muzzle is tawny which travels up the center of her face, right to the top of her eyes, ending in an arrow-shape. Her nose and her ears are dark chocolate brown. She also wears one reddish pink bow on the root of each ear.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Nova was captured by the Hodag of Horror due to her bell collar. (The Hodag of Horror)

Insert details here. (The Gathering Gloom)

When the gang found out about Brad and Judy's true intentions, they secretly Nova took behind their back because she wasn't good enough for them; Nova didn't seem to mind at all. (Wrath of the Krampus)

Insert details here. (Theater of Doom)

Nova was seriously injured falling from a helicopter, during the final encounter with the Horrible Herd. (The Horrible Herd)

She was put in the hospital, placed in a deep coma. Scooby visited her frequently. During one of his visits, the monitor turned off, showing that she died. Suddenly she awoke and warned Scooby-Doo that Nibiru was coming. (Dance of the Undead)

During another of Scooby's visits he dreamt of a peaceful time alone with her, but his pleasant fantasy turned into a nightmare of them being attacked by marauding Kriegstaffebots. (Stand and Deliver)


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Lidia Perrone Italian From episode 205 to 218

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