Vital Statistics
Species Monster
Gender Male (maybe asexual)
Hair color Blue
Eye color White (normal)
Red (aggressive)
Other Statistics
Identity Laslow Ostwald's computer-generated images
Reason To test a game on Velma Dinkley
Powers and abilities Sharp teeth for ripping and tearing victims
Production Details
First appearance WNSD: E-Scream
Played by Grey DeLisle
It's fun time!

—The Osomons' catchphrase.

The Osomons are monsters from a video game created by Dr. Laslow Ostwald. Ostwald had supposedly created living versions of them that somehow turned evil and started wreaking havoc. In reality, the whole incident was part of Ostwald's virtual reality game, which he created to test Velma Dinkley.

Physical appearance

The Osomons were small, blue, furry creatures with huge eyes and mouths, green feet, and two antennae on their heads. Normally, their eyes were white, but when they became aggressive, their eyes turned red and they gained sharp teeth.


They could deceive people by looking cute and cuddly while continuously repeating and squeaking their cheerful phrase, "it's fun time". After being admired and adored by people, the Osomons would switch from happy-go-lucky little critters to ferocious, aggressive and nimble little monsters. They would develop sharp jaws and instantly chase their prey, enjoying the fun. Also, instead of repeating, "It's fun time", they would instead repeat the phrase, "It's fight time", in a more raspy, snarling, growling manner.

Powers and abilities

They had sharp teeth which were powerful enough to bite through metal.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

They chased Scooby-Doo and the gang everywhere, each and every one of them desperate to get a bite, until Velma worked it all out: They were all monsters created for a virtual reality game especially made for Velma - basic enemies for her to face in order to complete it. Upon declaring this, the Osomons all froze in place (one was biting Shaggy at the time!) and Dr. Ostwald congratulated Velma. The Osomons then vanished, ceasing to exist.[1]



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