Papa Loa

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Papa Loa
Papa Loa
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Identity Anton DuChampe
Reason So his daughter would win the costume contest
Powers and abilities Disappear in a puff of smoke
Production Details
First appearance SD (DC Comics):
Anton DuChampe

Anton DuChampe unmasked.

Papa Loa was the disguise of Anton DuChampe.

Physical appearance

He looked like a masked Vodoo priest.


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Powers and abilities

  • He used smoke bombs to vanish in a puff of smoke.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

He wanted his daughter Marie to win the costume contest at the Mardi Gras party. He intended to kidnap Gabie Lyme, her biggest competition, but got Velma Dinkley instead. (Scooby-Voodoo-Krewe)


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