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Patricia Mulvihill
Patricia Mulvihill
Gender Female
Occupation Comic book artist

Patricia Mulvihill is a colorist who has worked in the comics industry, working on Batman, 100 Bullets, and many other comics. In 2004, she won the Eisner Award for Best Colorist. She lives and works in New York City.[1]


Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
1 Scooby in the Booby Hatch! colors
1 Scooby Snooze colors
2 The Roswell Riddle colors
2 Stubble Trouble colors
3 The Truth colors
3 Wax Attacks! colors
4 The Old Ways colors
4 How I Spent My Winter Break colors
5 Legend Of The Silver Scream colors
5 The Best Laid Plans colors
6 Ghost Riders in Disguise colors
6 Repeat Offender colors
7 The Ogre of O'Hare colors
7 Reincarnation Ruckus! colors
8 Like a Cracked Mirror colors
8 Kung-Food Fightin'! colors
9 Scooby-Voodoo-Krewe colors
9 Costume Caper colors
10 Six is a Crowd colors
10 Shaggy's Sasquatch Search! colors
11 Behavior Modification colors

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