Primero Llave

The Primero Llave is Spanish for "First Key". It is in the form of a flint of an old flintlock pistol.


Scooby-Doo!  Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Señor Primero Llave

The tomb in the cemetery.


The gang finds the gun.

Velma's Nibiru machine revealed coordinates and the name Señor P. Llave, which lead the gang to a cemetery in Gatorsburg where they found a tomb with the gun. (Aliens Among Us)

The gang wondered what it meant. Velma thought it was not the treasure itself, but a key to finding the treasure. (The Horrible Herd)

It appeared being used to light a candle flame by Cletus Darrow in the time-frozen scene of the Mystery Fellowship found in the sitting room.

The gang packed it in a bag for their mission to find and destroy the Evil Entity.

The gang discovers that the flint is the real key and is required to open the door to the Fire Dimension.



  • It is the only key that doesn't have its name marked.
  • Daphne refers to it as a "flintlock", a type of pistol introduced circa 1610, indicating the artifact is between 200 and 400 years old.
  • Like the other keys, the frozen scene associates it with a Greek element, in this case fire.

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