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Princess Velmonia
Princess Velmonia
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Amateur sleuth (deceased)
Affiliation Gang
Family King Ladon (father, deceased)
Production Details
First appearance BCSD: Greece is the Word
Played by Kate Micucci

Princess Velmonia was the princess of Athens, daughter of King Ladon, and a member of the gang of teen mystery-solvers in Ancient Greece. She was the Greek version of Velma Dinkley.

Physical appearance

She looked almost identical to Velma, being a bespectacled, brown-haired Caucasian in her late teens, but she wore a blue and white dress of Ancient Greece. Velmonia also wore gold crown with gold beads, gold earrings and gold glow-rings.


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Early life

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