Professor Spooky

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Professor Spooky
Professor Spooky
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Stage magician
Production Details
First appearance MC #356: Spooky Wooky

Professor Spooky is the stage name of a magician.

Physical appearance

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He seems fond of practical jokes. He could have simply fired the caretaker, but he got the gang involved because that would be more entertaining and teach the man a lesson. He is somewhat crooked himself, since he paid the gang off in stage money.


March of Comics

He wrote to the gang as Spooky Wooky. He got them to investigate and deal with his renegade caretaker who was pretending his home was a hotel in his absence and using trick rooms to prank guests (in order to drive them off and pocket their money). (Spooky Wooky)




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