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Ray Patterson
Gender Male
Date of birth November 23, 1911
Place of birth Hollywood, California, USA
Date of death December 30, 2001
Place of death Encino, California, USA
Occupation Director

Raymond "Ray" Patterson was an American animator, producer and director. On December 30, 2001, (nine months after the passing of William Hanna) Patterson died of natural causes, in Encino, California.

Patterson worked for Disney in 1940 animating classics such as Dumbo and Fantasia, as well as several Pluto shorts. In 1941 he left to work for MGM and animated many of the Tom and Jerry shorts.

Patterson left MGM in 1954 to co-found, with former MGM colleague Grant Simmons, Grantray-Lawrence Animation, which he operated until 1967. Grantray-Lawrence's early work was providing animation for television commercials, including the original "Winston Tastes Good" campaign. The company later moved on to producing such animated Marvel Comics television series as Spider-Man and The Marvel Superheroes.

After Grantray-Lawrence folded in 1967, Patterson joined his former bosses at Hanna-Barbera, where he worked as a director supervising director on several animated features and TV series including Scooby Goes Hollywood, Scooby and Scrappy-Doo and The Smurfs.

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