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Template:Character Infobox Regina Wentworth is a writer of the Dusk series of novels about romantic vampires, and formerly a teacher at Darrow University. Her rival, Prof. H.P. Hatecraft, thought she might be the Obliteratrix.

Physical appearance

She is very attractive and has long red hair. H.P. also made a remark that Regina is in great shape when he thought she was Obliteratrix.


She was friendly with Dean Natasha Fenk, but acted rude and immature to H.P. by mocking his age and insulting him. She was upset when her stand-up figure of "Todd" (a Dusk character) was broken.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

She was hired to be a teacher at Darrow University by Dean Fenk because of her novels. After H.P. Hatecraft and Mystery Inc. borrowed a Dusk van to find the Mystery Machine, H.P. Hatecraft was fired by Dean Fenk and Regina tells H.P. Hatecraft to have good luck on his career as she and Dean Fenk left. Regina soon fell out of favor as her type of vampire stories went out of fashion. (Pawn Of Shadows)





  • She and her novels are based off the author of the Twilight saga with Regina being based off of Stephanie Meyer.

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