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Robbie Busch
Gender Male
Occupation Comic book writer and artist

Robbie Busch is an American comic-book writer artist. He worked on DC Comics' Scooby-Doo.

Stories worked on

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Issue Title Role
57 Don't Be Such A Dragon writer
63 Barnstormin' Banshee writer
66 Don't Play Dummy With Me writer
71 Doozy Ghoulespie writer
72 Psychic Fiend Network writer
75 Lean, Mean Mystery Machine writer
81 Under Pressure writer
84 Curse Of The Irate Pirate writer
87 Unfair Play At The Fair writer
89 In The Beatnik Of Time writer
94 The Haunted Half-Pipe writer
99 The Fright Aquatic writer
101 Driving School Ghoul writer
107 A Case For The Birds writer
109 The Lost Survivors Of Monster Island writer
112 Dr. Krankenstone's Monster writer
114 Turkey Terror At 2000ft. writer
115 Santa's Evil Elves writer
116 Yeti Spaghetti writer
119 Mummy Under Wraps writer
119 The Texas Tooth-Step writer, inks
120 Ape Misbehavin' writer
120 Ice Creaming Mimi writer
121 Kickin' Pirate Booty writer
123 Friday Night Frights writer
125 Ghosts in the Mystery Machine writer
125 Monster Mix-Up writer
126 Miami Frights writer
127 The Football Fiend writer
129 The Creature of Lagoona Beach writer
130 Surreal Cereal Spook writer
134 Ready-To-Werewolf writer
142 To Zombie, Or Not To Zombie? writer
143 The Wicked Witch Of The West Wing writer
157 The Beat of the Bayou Beast writer

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