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Rock of KISSteria

The Rock of KISSteria is a relic from KISSteria used as part of sealing away the Destroyer.

Physical appearance

The Rock is a large black gem, with a purple hue.


Early history

The Warriors of KISSteria used KISSteria crystals as weapons against the Destroyer, shooting it with energy that sealed it into a volcano it was created from. They then fused the crystals into the Rock of KISSteria on top of the podium structure that had a part in the creature's creation, turning it into a key. As a key it could also unlock the Destroyer and forever had to be kept away from the Destroyer's creator, the Crimson Witch, and in the possession of the strongest of KISSterians, decendants of the Warriors of the KISStera, eventually leading into the possession of KISS, four men who became a outrageously successful rock band on Earth.

KISS took it to Earth, making an elaborate cover story of them receiving it as a gift from the city of Detroit, calling it the Detroit Rock. They then kept it on display at the Hall of KISStory at KISS World. It was largely safe there, until it came to Halloween, when it was at its most vulnerable from the Crimson Witch, so KISS would take it on tour with them on that one ocassion.

Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery

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