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Rurik Tyler
Gender Male
Occupation Comic book artist and writer

Rurik Tyler is a comic-book artist and writer. He has written for DC Comics' Looney Tunes, and drawn for Marvel Comics' What The--?!

Comic credits

Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

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Issue Title Role
20 Wraithcar Driver pencils
21 Revenge of the Mudman writer
22 Goop on the Loose writer
23 The Big Lake Fake writer
26 One Night in Roswell Part One: Spies from the Skies writer
26 One Night in Roswell Part 2: Attack of the Agents in Black writer
27 One Night in Roswell Part 3: Flying Saucer Face-Off! writer
31 Phantom of the Wrestling Ring! writer
37 Bee Ball! writer
41 Trolly Molly writer
44 Planet-Terrorium writer
71 The Spirits of Appledown County! writer
73 The Boston Pulse Snatcher writer
78 A Broken Winged Dragon writer
80 Cravin' the Raven writer