The Scary Scooby was the disguise of Gordon Ticktockery.

Physical appearance

He looks exactly like the real Scooby, only he has several stitches all over his body, and puppet strings.


He's shown to be greedy, and evil, as he tried to get rid of the real Scooby. He also finds Scooby Snacks disgusting.


Scooby-Doo Case Files

Gordon Ticktockery unmasked

Gordon Ticktockery unmasked.

He was created by Paolo Pegetto for his puppet show. During the show, the puppet seemingly came to life, and stole the Blizzard Diamond from Bridget LaNeige, than he vanished.

While looking inside the inside Snowboard Park, the puppet attempted to kidnap Scooby, but was foiled by the rest of the gang, and was forced to escape.

The gang recreated the puppet show to lure out the imposter. With the rouge puppet taking the bait, Fred and Shaggy attempted to trap it with a net, but missed. He bumped into Scooby, removing his strings. One of them stole Bridget's necklace, and ran off, with the other Scooby following him into the indoor Snowboard Park. They both went down the ramps, which ended when they both landed in a snow pile. The gang uses Scooby Snacks to tell them apart with one of them was disgusted upon tasting it. The puppet was unmasked as Gordon Ticktockery who wanted to steal the Blizzard Diamond because he wanted revenge after being beaten at an auction.