Scooby-Doo's Super Case Book II

Scooby-Doo's Super Case Book II is a collection of children's stories published by Scholastic. They are presented in a "solve it yourself" style, with the solution revealed in a separated part after each story. It is the second in the series, following Scooby-Doo's Super Case Book.


  1. The Case of the Angry Orca
  2. The Case of the Video Game Ghoul
  3. The Case of the Hollywood Phantom
  4. The Case of the Floating Phantom
  5. The Case of the Prophetic Painting
  6. The Case of the Scary Skater
  7. The Case of the Dreadful Dragon
  8. The Case of the Skateboarding Scam
  9. The Case of the River Rat
  10. The Case of the Broadway Bounder

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